Thursday, January 22, 2015

Review: Out-of-Body Exploration

Review: Out-of-Body Exploration

by Jerry Mulvin

I've had this book in my collection for so long that I had forgotten I'd already read it. I've been pretty busy lately, so I decided to reread it just because it's small (78 pages). My review will be small, too, because there's not much to say about it.

Please do NOT buy this book. Let me explain.

At first the author, Jerry Mulvin, sounds just like Eckankar. Starting on page 1, the book talks about surrendering to "The Master" (in other words, Mulvin):
"You must approach the Spiritual techniques with a child-like innocence, the anticipation of taking a journey with the Master."
He writes about how "Soul Travel" is supposedly superior to astral projection or projections to other planes of existence. He talks about how:
"Astral traveling is just another very clever trap perpetrated by the NEGATIVE FORCE to keep Soul identified with the Astral world. Do all your inner traveling in the Soul body with the Master. That is the safe and natural way to travel outside one's physical body." (pages 16-17)
He doesn't mention Eckankar (or any of their supposed nonphysical masters), but just like them, he talks about how his "Divine Science of Light and Sound" is an ancient science and the only true path to God (Eckankar makes similar claims).

Like any good cult leader, Mulvin claims to be the soul representative of God on Earth:
"The Master is the vehicle as designated by SAT-NAM for the GOD FORCE . . . that which flows downward from the Supreme Being to SAT-NAM. The Master acts as a transformer for the GOD FORCE throughout the lower worlds for his students." (pg. 27).

I didn't want to bias my reading too much by the Internet, so I didn't google Mulvin until after I'd finished reading the book. A simple search produced several articles of unknown repute, claiming Mulvin was:
  • At one point a high-up official of Eckankar being groomed to replace Paul Twitchell.
  • Broke away from Eckankar, claiming he was given the role of "Master" by the non-physical masters themselves. This supposedly created quite a controversy in the ranks of Eckankar.
  • Appears in the Encyclopedia of Cults, Sects and New Religions.
  • A registered sex offender in the state of Arizona. You can even find Mugshots. I don't know if this is true or not.

This book is a confusing mixture of half-truths (such as discussing kundalini and the chakras) geared toward reverence to "The Master" (Mulvin), if necessary, breaking ties with friends and family.

Make no mistake: This is a cult book written by a cult leader. Stay far far away from it.

Bob Peterson
22 January 2015


  1. For a new book to be great in your opinion does it have to include new and improved ways to OBE and practical tips or would a collection of a travelers experiences be interesting enough on its own.

  2. Hi Mark. Great OBE books stand on their own. They don't have to be new, improved or unique. I love just reading other travelers' experiences. It's a little boring if they say the same thing as other books though.