Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Problem 10: I keep getting sucked back in

Problem 10: I keep getting sucked back in


by Bob Peterson

In this article I continue my series to help you solve out-of-body experience problems. The previous articles in the series are:

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  2. Problem 2: I Just Fall Asleep
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  5. Problem 5: I Can't Get The Vibrations
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  7. Problem 7: My OBEs are Too Short
  8. Problem 8: I Get Out and I'm Blind
  9. Problem 9: I Can't Go Anywhere  
This time I'll help you solve another common OBE problem: You successfully leave your body but you can't make any progress because your body keeps dragging you back inside.

This has happened to me for as long as I remember: I induce the proper conditions, fly, float or walk away from my physical body and after a few seconds, POOF, I'm snapped back inside my body. It usually doesn't bring me back to full-body awareness; it's just an instant relocation. In the past I've described this as like "Paddle Ball". You know, a paddle with a ball attached by an elastic string, and your goal is to hit the ball with the paddle and the ball invariably snaps back to the paddle. Yeah, pretty lame.

So how do you solve it?

Persistence is the key

Like all things astral, the key is persistence. It's normal and natural for your focus to temporarily snap back to the body, but if you persist in your efforts and try again you will make progress toward your goal. I've had many out-of-body experiences in which I make an exit but get snapped back inside within three feet (1 meter). I refocus, exit again, and get snapped back inside again, but this time I get maybe six feet (two meters). If you keep doing this you can make slow but steady progress. Eventually you'll get beyond the "cord activity range" where you'll have more freedom of movement and will be less likely to get sucked back inside.

Using this technique, I've had three-hour OBEs that were broken into lots of smaller five-to-fifteen minute segments. The down side, of course, is that it's really hard to remember what transpired during those segments. But that's another topic for another day.

The Solution

So if you get sucked back inside your body after a few seconds, my best advice is: 

  • Ignore it and immediately exit again.
  • When you get back to your body, do NOT move your physical body. 
  • Instead, focus on the space in front of you and, if you can, develop a sense of motion and momentum to push back out of your body again.
  • Do NOT think about your body at all. Casual thoughts like "I wonder if my body is alright" or "I wonder if I've been away from the body too long" can instantly send you careening back to the body again.
  • Just forget about your physical body and focus on the non-physical task at hand. Stay in the present moment.
  • Be persistent. If you get sucked back inside your body 37 times, exit 38 times.
  • If you "reintegrate" with your body and can't easily exit again, don't move your physical body, but focus on inducing the vibrations again.

Out-of-body experiences can seem like a game of cat and mouse. You constantly chase it and it constantly gets away. But just like physical life, you need to be tenacious and never give up on your goals.

The Universe (with a capital U) often throws up roadblocks to our goals, but overcoming those roadblocks makes you stronger and helps you develop your skills.

Bob Peterson,
23 May 2023

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Biggest Facebook AP Groups 2023

Biggest Facebook AP Groups 2023

by Bob Peterson

The last time I analyzed the Astral Projection groups on Facebook and published my results was in May, 2021: two years ago! (You can read that article here.) Needless to say, it is now badly out of date.

In that time many groups have come and gone. Others have been renamed or changed focus. Believe it or not, some groups even kicked me out or scolded me for posting links to my blog! This, despite the fact that all I've been doing is offering free astral projection information, techniques, and advice for the last ten years. Anyone who spends five minutes to research me and my work can figure that out. I don't value any group whose moderators are so closed-minded they can't be bothered to research me or my work. Their loss.

Without further ado, here is my updated list of the biggest Astral Projection groups on Facebook for 2023:

  1. Astral Projection - 76000 members, up from 66400
  2. Astral Projection - Techniques - 60600 members, up from 18000
  3. Astral Projection Lessons - 58600 members, up from 47000
  4. Astral Projection Community - 32000 members, up from 31900
  5. The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation! - 17200 members, up from 16000
  6. Astral Projection&Lucid Dreams Teachings And Other Psychic Abilities - 12600 members
  7. Astral Traveling & Spiritual Awakening - 10500 members
  8. Astral Projection and Psychic Experience - 8200 members, down from 8600
  9. Journey To The Astral World - 7700 members, up from 7000
  10. ASTRAL PROJECTION - 7500 members, up from 7000
  11. Astral Projection Help And Tips - 6500 members, up from 3300
  12. Out of Body Explorers - 6300 members
  13. TMI Out of Body Experience Group - 6200 members
  14. CONSCIOUS EXPLORERS - 5500 members
  15. Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming group - 5000 members, up from 4500
  16. Astral Projection (Out of Body Experiences) - 5000 members
  17. Astral Projection-OOBE-Lucid Dreaming - 4700 members
  18. Out of Body Experience & Near Death Experience - 4600 members
  19. Sleep Paralysis and Astral Travel - 4300 members, up from 2900
  20. Astral projection travelers, experienced and learning. - 4300 members
  21. William Buhlman Group - 3300 members, up from 2100

There are many other groups with fancy names, but I chose to post the groups with the most members because those tend to be the most active and vibrant.

All these groups are excellent resources for people interested in astral projection.

Congratulations to rising star "Astral Projection - Techniques," for outstanding growth that rocketed them to the #2 position. Their dedication to a cause and outstanding team of moderators are to be applauded! Full disclosure: I moderate that group as well as several others (but I'm not very active in my moderation).

If you wish to join these groups, be sure to answer all the entrance questions honestly, and once you're in, please be respectful and thoughtful of others.

Many of these groups don't tolerate hate, religion bashing, religious agendas, self-promotion, controversy, mud slinging, or inappropriate material of any kind and will boot people out in a heartbeat if you cross the line.

Remember: while our paths may all be different, we are all headed the same direction. We are all teachers and students, both teaching others and learning from others.

Bob Peterson,
02 May 2023