Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kissing Your Way to OBE

Kissing Your Way to an OBE

by Bob Peterson

As much as I'm a fan of some heavy metal music, I've never liked the band Kiss. I didn't like them at the height of their popularity when I was in high school, and I still don't like them now. I find their talent lacking, their song writing skills poor, and their music droning and boring. I also dislike them because, for me, they represent the materialist: putting image and ego before spirituality and soul. Nevertheless, I found a way to leverage them to have OBEs.

Several weeks ago I was driving home from my sister's house late at night, and the Kiss song Rock and Roll All Nite [sic] got stuck in my head for some unknown reason. The song sucks, but the fact that it had been dredged up from my subconscious was worth pondering.

I started thinking about the subconscious and how many people think it is some kind of mindless worker drone in the back of your mind, devoid of independent thought. Not true. Your subconscious is highly intelligent and capable of independent thought. Not only that, but it can understand your thoughts and desires perfectly.

I've written before about how the subconscious can help you induce OBEs: It may take you years of effort to self-induce an OBE, but to your subconscious, it is child's play. It can get you there in a heartbeat. It just needs the right motivation (and a little less sensory input).

So I decided to try a little experiment to leverage my subconscious, using the song it presented to me. The original Kiss song repeats ad nauseum:
"I...want to rock and roll all night, and party every day."
Although I sometimes crack a sly smile at the thought that nowadays 67-year-old Gene Simmons, and his band-mates in Kiss are probably singing:
"...and potty every day."
To leverage my subconscious, turned the tables. I changed the lyrics and started repeating this to myself all the way home:
"I...want to lucid dream all night, and OBE every day."
Over and over I repeated my new version, while imagining the song playing in the background. Sometimes I'd switch the order of the message:
"I...want to OBE all night, and LD every day."

Next, I toyed with other lyrics from the song, adjusting them to my new OBE theme:
"You say you want to go for a spin.
The astral plane is open: let me in!
You drive us wild, we'll drive you out-of-body."
I did this practically the whole way home, which took about an hour.

The next morning I was dreaming that I was walking down a hallway, and I thought to myself, "Now how in the heck can I induce more lucid dreams?" Then it occurred to me: "Hey! Wait a minute! I'm dreaming right now!"

With that, I came to full conscious awareness and my dream became a lucid dream. I quickly dispelled the illusion of the lucid dream and watched it dissolve around me. Then I found myself flying in a gray void, fully in the out-of-body state, off to my next adventure.

The subconscious is highly intelligent and understands you perfectly: you just need to tell it what you want, and be serious about it. Although it can understand words, its natural language is images, feelings, thoughts, and yes, music too. So it also helps to imagine yourself in the OBE state, floating weightlessly like a ghost.

If you've never heard the original Kiss song, follow this link:

A word of warning: Most heavy metal music is fraught with negativity, so please: be very careful with the messages you send to your subconscious. Although they're hard to find, try to stick with bands that have positive messages in their music. (I prefer European metal bands like Stratovarius, Epica, Arven, Masterplan, Angel Dust, Rhapsody of Fire, Sonata Arctica, etc.)

Bob Peterson
10 January 2017


  1. Very interesting, thanks for the article! My favorite song to trigger an OBE: "This flight tonight" from the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth. www.youtube.com/watch?v=c126VLSjqR0

    kind regards
    Gerry, Zurich/Switzerland

  2. I think this'd give Bob Monroe a good belly laugh.
    Thanks for the cool tip.

    ': ) Brett Butler

  3. Bob, you're a genius!!! I always thought, but obviously not hard enough, that subconscious has the key. You just confirmed what I was thinking all along. Renewing my relationship with it is my new priority now!
    Allen TX