Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Using OBE to Contact Dead Loved Ones

Using OBE to Contact Dead Loved Ones

by Bob Peterson

Sooner or later we all experience the death of a loved one. Often, people desperately search for ways to contact the dearly departed, and that's what leads them to discover OBEs. So a lot of people ask me, "Can I use an OBE to talk to my dead husband/wife/child, or other dead loved one?"

The answer is yes, but it's not easy.

Surprisingly, encounters with the dead are rare in OBE literature. In his book Vistas of Infinity, author Jurgen Ziewe talks about meetings with the dead, including his own deceased mother. The meetings are somewhat matter-of-fact and unemotional, at least compared to Ziewe's other OBEs.

Another encounter is described in the book, Astral Projections, by Michael Ross  who used OBEs to contact his dead son, Murray, who had committed suicide. This was a much more emotional encounter than Ziewe's.

Rodrigo Montenegro's book The Out-of-Body Experience: An Experiential Anthology also has an encounter with the dead. Also, Preston Dennett's book Out-of-Body Exploring has an OBE in which he meets his dead mother. The late French OBE expert, Akhena, also described encounters with dead people she knew, in her book Out of Body Experiences.

I've had my own encounters too. In chapter 19 ("The Mind During OBEs") of my first book, I wrote about an OBE from 1982 in which I saw and spoke to my dead father. I wasn't trying; it just kind of happened spontaneously. Like Ziewe, the encounter was meaningful, but a bit unemotional.

In the year 2000, my wife Kathy's best friend, Pam, died under some really strange circumstances that I described in an article on my website called The Spirit Carries On. Her death was particularly tragic because she was still in her 30s and had two young kids. After her death, I decided to use my OBEs to try to contact Pam and see if she wanted me to convey any messages to Kathy or her devastated husband, Al.

In my first book, I described how I had trouble traveling to specific locations, but thankfully, I had long since learned the trick and knew how to travel pretty well. It's not easy to describe in Earthly terms, but basically you "feel" for the distant location or person, then mentally "pull yourself there" along that connection. So finding Pam should be easy, I told myself, right? Wrong.

For a full year, I spent every OBE trying to find Pam. Despite that, I just couldn't seem to contact her. It felt like there was nothing to grasp on the other end. It was like I was being blocked by some unseen force. Eventually, I gave up and decided Pam just wasn't ready to talk.

So when people ask me if they can use OBEs to contact a dead loved one, I tell them yes, but the dead person needs to be receptive to it and cooperate. It has to be a mutual decision between you and the dead person.

By far the biggest problem with contacting a dead loved one is that the goal tends to kill your focus. To induce an OBE, you need to be very focused and single-minded. If you're distracted by thoughts of your dead loved one, it will probably distract you enough to keep you from inducing the OBE state. You need to learn to set aside your goal and focus only on achieving the OBE itself. Once you're safely in the out-of-body state, then focus on your goal.

So now you may be wondering: Have I had any other encounters with the dead since I wrote my OBE books? The answer is yes. I've seen my mother on more than one occasion after she died. It was a long and very emotionally charged series of events that shook me to the core. It's hard for me to talk about it and I've only shared it with my wife, my sister and her husband. Someday I may write a book about it, but that's all I want to say about it now.

Let's just say that contact with the dead is not an easy road. You've got to have a lot of patience with yourself, and with your dead loved one.

Bob Peterson
13 March 2018


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  2. Did you ever try any of Bruce Moen's techniques? He has an entire book devoted to just this based off of his experiences at the Monroe Institute.

  3. Hi Yan. Bruce Moen actually wrote many books about his adventures into the afterlife, and I've read most of them. They are more about Monroe Institute "Focus Levels" than classical OBEs, which are different. Moen unfortunately passed away recently himself.

    1. Yeah I agree. I have tried some of his stuff and it seems to work, but normally this does feel different from a normal OBE.

    2. which book do you suggest to read for practicing ?

  4. Very insightful article. Thank you for sharing. There is a lot I agree with. I have had similar findings while OBE.

  5. you say you was being blocked by some force can you please explain your experience ?

  6. I met my deceased dog when out of body, 2 months after she passed. I had only just got through the usual vibrations (of leaving the body) and hadn't even "gone" anywhere; was still aware of hovering above my bed/physical body.
    While still going out, I decided to call for her and whistle. She came rushing, stumbling in, kind of, and I seemed to feel a little thump as she jumped up, her forepaws on the edge of the bed.
    She was very much alive, perfectly well, full of eagerness to greet me. I touched her and she was warm to my astral hands. I sensed her/felt her character -just the same as usual, and there was such a lovely feeling between us.
    However, further deliberate attempts to project to fin her all came to nothing. And yes, just as you say Bob, may times I felt a benign but firm "blocking" of my attempts.
    Yet we have stayed in touch from time to time, energetically. I sense her sometimes, her loving energy, and send back the same to her.

  7. I met my deceased dog in an out of body experience 2 months after she passed in 2012. I had only just lifted up a little from the body! I whistled and called her name and she came rushing in to greet me.
    Warm to my touch, full of life, quite okay and content, full of loving energy. Beautiful amazing experience! It only lasted a couple of minutes.
    But yes, like you say Bob, I felt a benign but firm sensation of being blocked at further attempts I tried to make.
    We did remain in touch though. I sense her energy and love from time to time. It comes rushing in and fills my heart. I send back all my love to her.

  8. The only reason I want to try astral travel is because my teenage son ended his own life and I want to see him. I can’t imagine living my life another 20,30,40 years without some sort of closure. So I hope I will get to see him and communicate if I ever get past that vibrational state