Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Robert Monroe’s “Lines of Force” Technique

Robert Monroe’s “Lines of Force” Technique

by Bob Peterson

If you've been following my Facebook posts, you may have heard that I've been working hard on my fifth book. I'm about 97 percent done now, and hope to wrap it up and send it to my publisher this summer. (Don't be surprised if it takes another two years after that to be published). I don't have a tentative title, but the entire book is all OBE induction techniques. In this blog article, I'm giving you chapter 3: my interpretation of Robert Monroe's "Lines of Force" technique.

It was the very first OBE technique I ever learned, from his book, "Journeys Out of the Body." I didn't know what I was doing, so I just did what I thought he meant. He didn't provide a diagram in the book, so I plan to include diagrams in mine (unless they're cut by the editor). I'm not trying to paraphrase Monroe; I'm simply describing what I did.

Bob Peterson
15 May 2018

Chapter 3

In his first book, Journeys Out of the Body, author Robert Monroe gave an OBE induction procedure: his “Lines of Force” technique. It’s the first OBE induction technique I ever tried, and much to my surprise, I got immediate results. I don’t know if I interpreted Monroe’s instructions correctly (by all means, read it yourself), but I followed this procedure:
  1. Go to bed early, so you’re not tired.
  2. Lie down, face up, arms at your side or resting on your hips, with your eyes closed.
  3. Relax your body completely. If possible, relax to the point where you cannot feel your body.
  4. Allow yourself to drift down close to the boundary between waking and sleeping.
  5. Try to hold your mind as blank (empty—devoid of thoughts and emotions) as you can.
  6. Visualize two lines of force positioned slightly away from both temples (just outside your ears), that cross three feet (one meter) directly in front of your face, at eye level. (Fig. 1) Hold that steady for about 10 seconds.
    Fig. 1 – Lines of force cross at 3 feet (1m)
  7. Imagine the lines want to pull away from one another, so it requires force to keep them crossed.
  8. Once you visualize that clearly, extend the lines out so their crossing point is 6 feet (2 meters) in front of you. Since the intersection is farther out, they make a sharper angle. Imagine more force is needed to keep them crossed. Make sure to keep your body relaxed. Hold that for another 10 seconds. (Fig. 2)
    Fig. 2 – Lines of force cross at 6 feet (2m)
  9. When you can visualize that clearly in front of you, extend the lines from 6 feet to 9 feet (3 meters). Again, the force increases. Hold that for ten seconds too. (Fig. 3)
Fig. 3 – Lines of force cross at 9 feet (3m)
  1. At this point, visualize that the lines are simultaneously pulled away from your temples until they cross at a 90 degree angle. They still cross 9 feet (3 meters) in front of your eyes. (Fig. 4) Hold that for ten seconds.
    Fig. 4 – Lines of force cross at 90 degree angle
  1. Now visualize the lines are pushed out even further, but at the same time, draw them back over your head. In other words, they’re no longer in front of your eyes, but crowning the top of your head. If you don’t get any reaction, keep pushing them out farther away from your head, while still maintaining a 90 degree angle. (Fig. 5)
Fig. 5 – Lines of force are above your head
When I got to this point, I had been at it a long time and was just about to give up. Then I felt a heavy “twang” or “zap” in my head. It was an unusual sensation I’d never felt before. I suddenly became very alert, and it felt as if the lines of force had somehow become real and touched an electrical power line. To quote my first book:
“I thought, ‘Oops. Maybe this isn't such a good idea.’ I tried to pull myself back to normal consciousness by retracting my imaginary lines of force. I quickly pulled the lines of force back toward me, but much to my surprise, the ‘electricity’ I felt at the end of those lines was also being pulled toward me...A kind of electrical ‘vibration’ violently swept into my body, filling my body with an electric-like shock and a terrible roaring noise. I thought I was being electrocuted and my first reaction was sheer panic. I could hear my heart beating wildly in mad fear, but I was powerless to control it.
Somehow I could see through my closed eyelids. I looked up and I saw a blue ring of electrical fire flying right toward my head. It was about a foot in diameter, with the energy sparks about an inch-and-a-half thick, and it was bright blue. I instinctively tried to raise my arms to protect myself from the impact, but I found myself paralyzed and unable to move my arms. The ring of blue energy started to slip over my forehead and I looked away, afraid to see what would happen next. I started fighting wildly to regain control of my body and the ‘vibrations’ slowly smoothed down and died out. When the vibrations faded completely, I could move my body again.”
In other words, I panicked. I chickened out and aborted the experience. I did the exact opposite of what I should have done. What should I have done when the vibrations hit? That’s the subject of chapter 4.


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  2. Very good and helpful explanation Robert. Thank you!

  3. Love the description of the Monroe technique - looking forward to the
    new book - hope it doesn't take two years.

  4. Thanks for this Robert. I hope to see your book out soon. One thing I don’t understand is why you put up with the demands of a publisher. I suggest you follow Jurgen Ziewe’s path and publish yourself. This way, your book will be available the moment you feel it is good enough. And since you are doing 99% of the work, why settle for 10% (if that) of the ‘’profits’’ and wait forever to see your work published? Look into Amazon and lulu.com, created by Bob Young, the man who created Red Hat Linux. I’m sure you know a thing or two about Red Hat.

  5. I am very excited to buy your new book! This technique never worked for me. Going to try it again based on your excellent explanation.

  6. partner with amazon for your book they take very little like 1-3% and let you keep the rest as a book writer its definitely the way to go and something you should look into :)

  7. I self publish a couple of books on Amazon, through their Createspace and Kindle subsidiaries. Actually, Amazon pays the author about 50 to 70% of the sale price. I hire an editor, an illustrator, and a formatter for a very reasonable price on upwork.com. Amazon also makes it easy to publish your title as an audiobook, and I have been amazed at how well they sell, too. Unless the traditional publisher is providing a lot of marketing support or substantial monetary guarantees, the value is no longer there.

    Thank you for posting this technique. I am eager to try it out!

  8. Hi Bob
    I feel that step 10 doesn't match the description in the book, ie: "• Once you have learned to establish and maintain the 30 degrees angle outward (or roughly six feet away), bend the point of intersection 90 degrees (or in an “L”) upward in the direction of your head but parallel to the axis of your body".
    I actually can't make out at all his description, any thoughts?

  9. I am listening to your book and YOU ARE AWESOME! Please tell me how I can AP with Aphantasia. I know I can do it because I did it in my twenties but I was on drugs. I've been sober 7 years, and I have been trying for three years. I was thinking it was my ADHD meds but by the time I go to bed they have no effects. I have tried everything and I am going crazy. I'm still listening to your book but I don't know that you will have techniques for those of us with Aphantasia. Thanks,Bob! I love your books!

  10. My uncle Pete will love this!