Tuesday, July 24, 2018

When All Else Fails: A Formula for OBE Success

When All Else Fails: A Formula for OBE Success

by Bob Peterson

Over the years, I’ve noticed a fun and unexpected scenario in which I consistently induce OBEs, even during a slump. I’d like to share it with you on the hope that you can do this too when all else fails. This technique involves the cooperation of friends or family, for reasons that will soon become apparent. Here's what I do:
  1. Throughout the week, I obsess on having an OBE. I ingrain it firmly in my subconscious. I firmly set an intention to have an OBE and reinforce it with affirmations, then stop to remind myself often throughout each day.
  2. On Saturday, I take a break from thinking about OBEs and give my subconscious time off. I go to a friend or relative’s house for a party. It’s upbeat and there’s no stress. I eat a few too many snacks and have a few alcoholic drinks in the early evening (often it’s slowing sipping a glass of white wine, but I usually don’t drink beer), but about 7:00pm (19:00) I quit snacking and switch to water or a can of soda with caffeine.
  3. All evening long I engage in lively conversation. We joke, laugh, and play games late into the night; card games like five hundred, golf (the card game), cribbage, canasta, hand and foot, “oh hell,” or strategy games like Dominion, Puerto Rico, and Tigris and Euphrates. In other words, my brain does overtime interpreting language, and playing games.
  4. I stay up well past my bedtime playing games. I go to bed sometime between midnight and 1:00am instead of my usual 10:30pm (22:30). I make my way to the guest bedroom, which is pitch black due to having no windows, thick curtains, or in the wintertime when it’s extra dark outside.
  5. Since the bed is not my own, I’m just slightly uncomfortable. It’s smaller than my normal bed, so I don’t roll around or move much during the night. Nonetheless, I sleep well.
  6. Sunday morning I may get up to pee, but return to bed. There are no deadlines, so I stay in bed and focus on an OBE. I roll to my back and make my first OBE attempt. I imagine floating inside my body and narrow my consciousness to a single-minded focus. I’m often unsuccessful the first try: I’m too tired. I give up, roll to my side, and allow myself to fall asleep again.
  7. After that sleep cycle, I wake up totally relaxed, content, and refreshed, but I stay in bed. I roll to my back, but otherwise don’t move much. I immediately try again for an OBE, starting with imagined floating and all. Now it’s mid-morning; a couple hours past when I normally get up. On a normal weekday, I’d be up about 5:30am, but now it’s 7:30am or 8:30am.
  8. This time I imagine my entire body is swinging, rushing forward and backward, like I’m sitting up in bed, then lying back, then sitting up again. Either that or I visualize a swinging object or grab a hypnopompic object and take control of it, causing it to swing. As I do this, I simultaneously eliminate all thoughts and narrow my focus as much as possible. I don’t think about anything; I’m totally focused on imagining my body swaying or the object swinging.
  9. After several minutes, the imagined sensations of bowing or swinging my body becomes very real, and I feel weightless. I let the momentum of the motion swing me fully out-of-body, until I’m at least 15 feet (5 meters) away from it. Then I open my (non-physical) eyes. I’m in an OBE and free to go where I want. That’s it.
I’m not sure why this always seems to work for me. Perhaps it’s the unfamiliar bed. Perhaps it’s a combination of overtaxing my brain the night before, then “over-laundering” it in the morning with too much sleep. I suspect it’s the combination of many of the factors I talked about earlier in the book. Regardless, it almost always works for me.

If you’re struggling to achieve an OBE, try this formula and it may work for you too.
Bob Peterson
24 July 2018


  1. Thank you for this advice Bob. I will try it. O have j
    Had OBE's but they seem to happen sponteaniously rather than when I'm really trying. Any other advice is very much welcomed.

  2. This is one of my favourite ways to try. I've only achieved it once or twice with the swinging but I love it.

  3. Thanks so much for all you do, Bob. I've made a pact with myself to go through every bit of your blog. It's new to me. I tried at dawn this technique last pm/am, and it helped. I have been trying steadily since 2015 but zero success. It's more challenging for me, since I have ADHD and can't really relax the body (my resting heart rate is 95 for example), and I'm not a visualizer at all. Since 2015, I came to the vibrational state only once, and that was way back in 2015. Last night, I came close to the vibrational state again using this technique and also cycling between wiggling, rocking, swaying, you name it. Will keep trying. This is my biggest personal goal in life. I will achieve it and get good at it, no matter what. At least getting to the vibrational state is something. My co-worker, on the other hand, has to hold her self back from going out of body. She's scared of the whole thing, which is a total shame. That's like being Eddie Van Halen but having crippling stage fright - so he never picked up the guitar.