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Review: Astral Projection by Kristin Komak

Review: Astral Projection

by Kristin Komak

Today I'm reviewing Astral Projection: The Ultimate Guide to Astral Projection and Having An Out of Body Experience! by Kristin Komak.

It's got a cool cover, but much like Alex Akana's book Astral Projection, this one is much too short. Akana's book was only 82 pages with large type. Komak's book is much shorter: only 54 pages, but with a better font and tighter margins. So the amount of content might be about the same.

Also like Akana's, this book has no credentials (what makes the author an expert?). There are absolutely no OBE narratives or personal experiences. So again, it feels like the author read a book or two on OBEs and decided to write one based on second-hand knowledge.

Komak only gives one OBE technique. It involves the usual prerequisites, relaxation, etc. All basic stuff. She recommends something a bit different from other OBE techniques I've studied, so I thought I'd mention it. Step 8 is:
"Now, think of one single image that you can concentrate on. For example, you could create a mental image of a chair. This image can actually be anything you can think of. Allow this mental image to move in different directions, and then add another image in your mind and allow it to move as well. Add another image and let it move in your mind too, along with the other two images. Repeat this process until you have several moving images flashing in your mind. Remember to just relax and maintain your calmness as you do this." (pg. 17)
I've never tried to cram a bunch of mental images into my visualizations. I almost always focus on a single one.

Some of the information is not explained very well. For example, Komak mentions "the vibrations" and the "vibrational state" but doesn't even attempt to explain what it is, what it feels like, how you should react to it, or anything like that. It's just a big gap.

Much of the information is accurate (better than Alex Akana's in that respect) but there's not enough attention to detail. For example, she refers to Robert Monroe's book as "Out of the Body" (page 3) accidentally dropping "Journeys" from its title. For example, she refers to St. Paul's Biblical reference to OBE as "Corinthians 12:2" (pg. 19) when, in fact, it was St. Paul's Second letter to the Corinthians, so the proper citation should be "2 Corinthians 12:2."
I only took issue with one thing she wrote:
"The astral plane is composed of seven dimensions that all play key roles in the fate of human beings. All these dimensions conform to the seven divisions of matter, namely, solid, liquid, gas, atomic, subatomic, etheric, and super-etheric." (pg. 9)
This quote displays a complete lack of understanding of basic college physics. Solid, liquid and gas are states of matter (and physicists now know there are more states of matter, such as plasma). Atomic and subatomic are artificial constructs (how physicists describe what they're studying) and etheric and super-etheric has no scientific basis whatsoever (and the author provides no citations for any of this conjecture).

Is this the "Ultimate Guide" touted by the book's subtitle? No. You don't earn the title of "Ultimate" in less than 200 pages, at least not when it comes to OBEs. I'll never describe a book with only one technique "Ultimate" by a long shot.

To give you an idea, the book's "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) chapter (chapter 10) spans 4 pages, much of which is white space, and it covers 5 questions. Compare that to the FAQ article I wrote for this blog (Click here to read it) which spans about 15 pages and covers 67 questions: more than 16 times the information.

The author's spelling and grammar are both good. She knows the difference between "its" and "it's" and "there-their-they're." Ah! Refreshing! But the writing feels immature to me, like it was written as a college paper and turned in for a writing class. I'd be surprised if the author is more than 23 years old.

Like Akana, I'll give it 2 out of 5 stars. You're better off buying a longer, more informative book from one of the big names in the genre with proven experience like Monroe, Buhlman, Bruce, Muldoon, etc.

Bob Peterson
14 July 2020


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