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Top 25 OBE Groups on Facebook

Top 25 OBE Groups on Facebook

by Bob Peterson
There are a lot of Facebook groups that focus on astral projection and/or out-of-body experiences; so many it's hard to choose where to focus your attention. One way to judge these groups is by the number of group members and membership growth.

It's been a year and a half since I published my blog article titled Astral Projection Facebook Groups in October 2019 which covered almost all the groups I knew about at the time. Facebook is a fast-moving landscape, so the article quickly became outdated: groups came and went, some grew in popularity while others shrank, and some groups were renamed. So I thought I'd give everyone an update.

This time I'll focus on the top 25 AP/OBE groups with the most members. They all have 3800 members or more. (If I extended it back to 2000 members or more, I'd need to list 39 groups instead of 25.) Since I'm only listing the top 25, I'm unfortunately unable to include some of my favorite smaller groups, like "the William Buhlman group" and Mark Certo's "The Triad Mind." It may be worth searching in Facebook for additional groups not listed below.

My list is ordered by the number of members: most to the least.

  1. Ascending Together (was: Ascension 5th Dimension) - 149200 members
    This group has grown from 12050 members to almost 150000 since my aforementioned previous article, which is incredible: a 12X growth in membership (unless I got my numbers wrong last time, which is always possible). It dethroned the previous number 1 which is now at number 3.
  2. Inner dimensions - 84900 members

    This is a newcomer. When I wrote the original article above, I didn't even know it existed. Now it rocketed to the number 2 position.
  3. Astral Projection - 66400 members
    This is Phil Swain's very successful group, formerly in the #1 position. It's also one of the oldest and most respected groups related to AP/OBE. It has a large team of moderators around the world that filter out the rubbish (and I'm proud to say I'm one of them!)
  4. Astral Projection Lessons - 47000 members
    This group maintains its #4 position, but it tripled its membership from 15500 members: a huge gain in popularity.
  5. Astral Projection Community - 31900 members
    This group has also tripled its membership since the 2019 article.
  6. Sleep Paralysis - 22300 members
    Their group membership grew by 25% since the 2019 article.
  7. Project Consciousness - 21700 members
    Their membership grew 17% since the 2019 article.
  8. Astral Projection - Techniques - 18000 members
    A relative newcomer to the stage, it's gained a lot of popularity.
  9. The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation! - 16000
    A Christian OBE group based on the teachings of author Marilyn Hughes. Knocked down from its #5 spot, it still showed an impressive 19% growth in membership.
  10. Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out of Body Experience, Astral Travel - 13900 members
    This group was number 17 in the 2019 article, but it's grown its membership almost 4X.
  11. Non-physical Consciousness Family Reunion/ Oneness - 11800 members
    Their membership actually shrank a bit since the 2019 article, from 12450.
  12. Lucidity 4 ALL - Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, OOBE. Phase & Shift - 11200 members
    Their membership grew by about 50%, which is impressive.
  13. Astral Projection&Lucid Dreams Teachings And Other Psychic Abilities - 10900 members
    Another newcomer with an impressive membership. It's constantly plagued with "Inbox me for a private reading" and other crap, which results in the poster being dropped from the group.
  14. Inner Cosmos - 10400 members
    A 13% membership growth.
  15. Astral Explorers - 9000 members
    Their membership shrank from 9400 members. :(
  16. Astral Projection and Psychic Experience - 8600 members
    A new-comer to the stage.
  17. Astral Projection Third Eye Meditation - 8500 members
    Another new-comer. What's interesting is their name, which leads me to believe the group was renamed.
  18. Journey To The Astral World - 7000 members
    This group was knocked down from its 15th position, despite 39% membership growth. An indication of how popular the subject has become.
  19. ASTRAL PROJECTION - 7000 members
    13 percent membership growth.
  20. Out of Body Explorers - 6300 members
    Membership only grew a meager 3 percent.
  21. CONSCIOUS EXPLORERS - 5700 members
    Sadly, this group lost some members.
  22. TMI Out of Body Experience Group - 5000 members
    Based on The Monroe Institute teachings. They had 23% membership growth.
  23. Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming group - 4500 members
    Another new-comer.
  24. Out of Body Experiences - 3800 members
    Another new-comer
  25. Lucid Dreaming/OBE Club - 3800 members
    Membership grew from 2450, an impressive 36 percent.

These 25 groups with the largest membership are probably the best sources of astral projection / out-of-body experience information on Facebook. If you haven't joined them all yet, consider it. But please:

  • Read the group rules
  • Answer the group questions (if any)
  • Be respectful, courteous, non-confrontational, and don't self-promote.
  • Stay on-topic

I moderate several of these groups, and as a moderator, I can tell you: If you offer to do free psychic readings or cast spells, you'll probably be kicked out of the group. Let's all help each other achieve this incredible experience. 

Oh, and one more thing: Just for fun I created the group "Astral Projection Memes" which is just for AP meme sharing. In other words, no articles. It will never teach you astral projection, but it's got some great humor, especially if you peruse the "Recent Media" section and look at historical posts.

Bob Peterson
25 May 2021

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  1. You can't go by membership as most people go dormant very quickly. How much traffic moves through a group in a day? I no longer join groups because the first thing hitting you in the face are "THESE ARE THE EFFING RULES," terms of dictatorship, declarations of the police state, and you will notice that in every group the only time an admin has something to say is when s/he feels the need to push somebody around and wield authority. NOPE you can't post that, I said so. I don't like your viewpoint, you're banned. How much insight is going to come out of a police state held in an iron grip of authority? Of course it's all to "maintain the quality of the group," exactly like all oppressive regimes in history, which is lower than dismal with all its rules, regulations, controls, bullying, abuse of the membership, and desperate power tripping. In the #1 group, 50 out of the first 50 posts were simply reposts of existing memes that somebody else created. Nobody had an original thought out of the first 50 posts. I doubt the next hundred thousand delivered anything the first 50 didn't. Somehow I don't see this situation as delivering anything I didn't know before.