Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Clean Room Gloves Technique

Clean Room Gloves Technique

by Bob Peterson

It's been a while since I've posted an out-of-body experience/astral projection technique on my blog, so I thought I'd share one of my more recent ones.

Most astral projection techniques use visualizations--visual imagination--to derail your in-the-body "story of experience," which allows you to accept an out-of-body "story of experience." That's all fine if you're good at visualization, but many people aren't. (Also see my blog article "I Really Have Trouble With Visualization".)

Because so many people aren't good at visualization, there's a growing body of techniques that target the other senses, such as tactile imagination which instead uses an imaginary sense of touch.

Author Robert Bruce became a pioneer in tactile OBE techniques when he invented his famous "Rope Technique" in which you imagine holding and climbing a rope that hangs from the ceiling. Bruce invented this technique for blind or visually impaired people, so he meant for the rope to be touched, felt--with an imaginary sense of touch--not visualized.

I wanted a more immersive OBE technique that also employs tactile imagination, so I developed the following technique. So here's what you do:

First, close your eyes and relax your body completely. Here's a blog article I wrote about Relaxation Techniques for OBEs.

Second, focus your mind for an OBE. Here's a blog article I wrote about How to Focus Your Mind For OBEs

Next, forget visualizations altogether. Close your eyes and as vividly as you can, imagine you're standing in a laboratory "clean room," the kind that has long rubber gloves so you can use your hands to handle objects in a sterile environment. There's a photo of one at the top of the article.
Imagine you insert your arms and hands all the way into the gloves and feel the contents of the cabinet. Feel the rubber as it touches, then stretches, then pulls tight against your skin. Imagine the coldness of its touch. Try to feel this along the entire length of your arms as you slip them into the rubber gloves.
Now imagine that your reach down into the box with your rubber-gloved hands and touch the objects inside. As you reach your hands inside the box, you touch the square glass walls of an aquarium. Imagine you dip your hands into the aquarium's warm water. Reach your imaginary wet-gloved arms all the way to the bottom where you feel sand at the bottom. On top the sand, you feel some gravel. Imagine you run your fingers across the gravel until you feel a jar. Imagine you pick up the jar and lift it up above the water to the dry air above. If you can, imagine you hear the dripping of the water as you pull the jar up.
Imagine it's a jar of crunchy peanut butter. Use your imaginary hands to twist off the lid, then reach in and touch the contents. Feel the thick, sticky, bumpy texture of the peanut butter inside.
Imagine that somewhere inside the jar is a beautiful blue sapphire ring. Twist your imaginary fingers through the peanut butter until you feel the ring. Pull the ring out and swipe away the sticky peanut butter from its surface. Dip the ring into the water and wash it clean.
Imagine the sapphire ring has magical powers to start the vibrations, then slip the ring onto your finger and expect it to work.

The idea is to immerse yourself completely in an imaginary sense of touch, and to do it so completely you forget all your other senses of sight, sound, and your body's "real" sense of touch.

Bob Peterson
08 February 2022

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  1. But "Aquarium Crunchy Peanut Butter Sapphire Ring Clean Room Gloves Technique" doesn't have that catchy name, haha!

    Just messing! I'm going to try it tonight. And I'll swap in different gems in the exercise in case that matters, too.

    My intuition is gems or 'crystals' matter to the astral body as far as they're mentioned in Shaman visions, as well as relate to the chakras, if you're into that kind of thing.

  2. Awesome insight , I will try it , thank you kindly for sharing more and more of your knowledge with us.

  3. I'm gonna use that concept and create my own. Brilliant idea by the way. I have an aquarium that I can pretend I'm cleaning it'll be a bit more easier for me as I already know what the contents feel like so it should be easy to do. Plus as I normally hold a rough crystal, I'll add the whole finding a gem thing to it. I wonder if I'll end up teleporting to the aquarium downstairs lol. I will update ☺️ Thanks for the idea. Great blog btw.