Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Bob Peterson Videos

Bob Peterson Videos

by Bob Peterson

I've been doing this blog for almost ten years now, and it seems like people have found some value in it. Still, I believe blogging is a dying art. Today people are more interested in videos than reading. At the end of this year I'll probably stop writing my blog, or at least slow it way down. After that I may look into alternatives like a podcast, vlog, youtube, TikTok or something. We'll see.

Many people don't know that I've already got several videos, most of which are on youtube. Not all of them are about astral projection, but most are. So for this article, I want to give a list of my current videos for you to watch. You'll find hours of material to watch by following the links below.

Bob's Favorite OBE Technique

Bob Peterson explains his favorite OBE Technique.
This was recorded in February, 2016 in Asheville, North Carolina.

Bob's Favorite OBE/Astral Projection talk:

Bob's OBE lecture from Biloxi, Mississippi, Jan 18, 2020 - part 1. This is a well-rounded and relaxed talk about OBEs.

Bob's OBE lecture from Biloxi, Mississippi, Jan 18, 2020 - part 2. This is mostly Questions and Answers section from the same event.

Bob's Interview on "Paranormal Case Files"

This is Bob's interview with Brough Perkins, recorded November, 2018:

Bob's Mudpie Podcast interview:

Here is an interview I did for the MudPie podcast in which I talk about out-of-body experiences/Astral Projection, recorded November 2020:

Astral Projection "By the Campfire Development Circle":

This is a casual combination of interview and class I co-taught with authors Tom Llewellyn and Daniel Kelley in March, 2020. My beard is so long here!

OBE Class: Tom Llewellyn, Bob Peterson, Daniel Kelley - Part 1

OBE Class: Tom Llewellyn, Bob Peterson, Daniel Kelley - Part 2

Bob's AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Some of you may not realize it, but there's a Discord chat channel devoted to astral projection. This is my AMA interview on the Discord Astral Projection channel:


Bob's Facebook Interview with Carie Lyn Beetle:

Recorded in September, 2019:


Bob's Astral Projection Library

This is a closeup view of my astral projection library. It's from May, 2018 so it's way out of date. I've got several more Astral Projection/OBE books now!

Ten Minute Truth Bombs:

Bob talks about life, spirituality, and the masks we all wear. Recorded from St. Augustine, Florida in 2021. Not to be morbid, but when I eventually die, I hope they play these in the background at my funeral service.

Ten Minute Truth Bombs 1: https://youtu.be/FB4BHU2SqCc
Truth Bombs 2: https://youtu.be/QTsUVUwOksE
Truth Bombs 3: https://youtu.be/H4z6UqIDl74

I wrote a fourth installment to "Truth Bombs" but never recorded it. Maybe someday I will.


Bob rides on an Ultralight part 1, April 2015, Austin, Texas:

Bob rides on an Ultralight part 2:

I took this short video at Clearwater Lake, Minnesota, in August, 2017:

Watching lion sisters cuddling with their kitties in Tanzania, November, 2017:

Bob visits "Meow Wolf" in Santa Fe, New Mexico, March 2019. This is one of the most surreal in-the-body experiences you can have:

"Bear Chaser Bob" chases a black bear off his deck after it wrecks his bird feeder, recorded August, 2018. The two voices on the video are my wife, Kathy, and long-time friend Connie Lee:
Favorite OBE Memes set to the song "The Answer" by Ashes of Aires:

I may have other videos out there I've forgotten about. If you find any, let me know!
I've also got MANY audio recordings, appearances on various radio shows, such as:
Bob Peterson
30 August 2022

If you have ideas for blog articles related to astral projection and out-of-body experiences, send me an email: bob@robertpeterson.org.

If you like my work, visit my website, robertpeterson.org, where you'll find lots of other free OBE advice and links.

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  1. hey man, way back when i was pouring over every source looking for people who were experiencing oobe's like me, you helped me by putting the text of your first book online. i appreciated it back then. now days, it's almost common knowledge. thank you :)

  2. Subscribed! I still look forward to your book reviews, keep them up please!

  3. I hope you keep publishing here. If you prefer to make videos that’s ok too but please don’t stop.

  4. Agreed. I couldnt give a rats behind about videos. People are so lazy now days. Youre reviews are amazing and so in depth.

  5. Thanks, Bob, for all the info you've been providing for many years. Looking forward to seeing you Oct. 9th at Jade Shaw's online Astral Academy class. Your being among the teachers was the deciding factor for me. I was torn about spending the money on a 2nd series of her classes because I have a lot of extra car related expenses from Sept. to Nov., but then I checked the teacher list and saw your name there and registered almost immediately. :-D

  6. You rock, Bob! Very deep thanks. I'm brand new to your blog and vowed to myself to go over every bit of it. One thing I've never heard or read so far is whether you can visit the past, or even the future, in this Earth plane by way of an OBE. As a Remote Viewer, I visit the past and future quite regularly. But Remote Viewing is a different modality. My consciousness did spontaneously displace once during a practice session to thousands of years in the past. It was kind of like an OBE, I'm guessing. It was definitely the most exhilarating moments of my entire life. Thanks again.

    1. Look into fellow OBEr Graham Nicholls's video about his precognitive OBE of the 1999 Soho bombing.

  7. Hi, Bob!
    I've been reading your blog for years and it has been a driving force for me not to forget about the spiritual side while my life demanded a focus on the material.
    Now I'm reading Jurgen Ziewe's Multidimensional Man which I never would have found if not for your blog and it's a probably one of the best books I've ever read!
    If you do stop blogging, notify us, I'd want to back up a bunch of bookmarked pages of your book reviews for the future in case you shut the blog down. Thank you for everything, I'll definitely be subscribing to your YT channel soon. :)