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Problem 4: I Get Scared and Chicken Out

Problem 4: I Get Scared and Chicken Out

by Bob Peterson

This is part 4 in a series of articles to help you solve problems inducing the out-of-body/astral projection state. Here are links to the previous three articles in the series:

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In this article I'd like to focus on another common problem: You can get to the vibrations and are all set to take off, but suddenly you get scared and abort your attempt.

In a previous article I wrote about how the Guardian of the Threshold can manifest your subconscious fears and reservations in many strange ways, preventing you from inducing an out-of-body experience. If you hear voices--strange or familiar-- that try to talk you out of the OBE, ignore them: they're not real. The same goes for other weirdness, like phone calls, knocks on your door, or even ugly creatures, old hags, or demonic-looking creatures.

Fear can be a big show-stopper when it comes to astral projection. In fact, I dedicated an entire chapter of my first book to the problem of fear and how I had to overcome it before I could successfully self-induce OBEs. I even wrote another separate article on this blog on Turning the Tables on Fear.

When you start your OBE attempt it's easy to put on a brave face and tell yourself you're going to be strong and unflappable. But when you're finally out-of-body or deep in the vibrations, the reality of it (some would say shock and awe) can throw all your hard work and training all out the window. You may tell yourself, "I'm not ready for this" or "I'm in over my head" and abort the experience. That's the wrong attitude.

Someone once said that bravery is not being unafraid; it's acknowledging the fear and not letting it stop you. The fear is okay. The fear is natural. The fear is instinctual. But do not let it stop you.

In my experience the best thing to do is grant yourself some time. Make a deal with yourself. Tell yourself, "This time I'm not going to let it stop me. This time I'm just going to go along with it another ten seconds and see what happens." Usually that's all you need. Once the vibrations start and your fear-reaction sets in, you only need to ride it out for a few seconds until, poof, suddenly like magic, you find yourself fully out-of-body, embraced by a comfortable and calm silence. No more monsters, no bogeymen, no more vibrations or noises. It will all just suddenly disappear and you'll find yourself floating peacefully above your body in tranquility. Then the adventure begins!

To calm their fears, some people say a prayer of protection before their OBE attempt. It doesn't matter whether you pray to God, Jesus, Angels, Spirit Guides, Odin or whomever. It just needs to embody a sense of protection. If you're Wiccan or pagan, you can also perform a ritual of protection or cast a spell of protection.

Others choose to visualize a white light of protection surrounding your body.

Unfortunately, you cannot eliminate fear altogether because it is instinctual: our bodies have developed certain fears, such as fear of the unknown and fear of death, as a means of self-protection. So the best you can do is mitigate the fear, try to reason with it, and wait until it lessens with time and experience.

Bob Peterson,
10 January 2023

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