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Review: Flying Without a Broom

Flying Without a Broom

by D.J.Conway

Today I'm reviewing Flying Without a Broom: Astral Projection and the Astral World by D.J.Conway. The copyright is 1995.

I re-read this book mainly because one of my recent reviews (Arundell Overman's book Astral Projection) referenced and quoted some of the Conway's work. So I wanted to go back to the original source.

This book is unmistakenly written from a Wiccan point of view and cosmology. I wasn't impressed when I read it back in the 1980s and re-reading it hasn't won me over either. For one thing, some of Conway's assertions conflict with other authors. For example, Theosophists like C.W. Leadbeater (and countless others) wrote about seven planes of existence, describing them as if gained through firsthand experience. But Conway writes:

"No one can travel astrally (or any other way) to the very highest level above the seven astral levels." (pg. )

Well, I don't know if it's true, but what I'm saying is: others disagree. I certainly haven't been higher than the astral.

The book also contains a fair amount of fear mongering, and fear mongering is never good. For example, Conway writes:

"The malicious spirits of this lowest of astral levels are the ones who haunt buildings or areas of nature; sometimes they will try to harm humans. They are inherently evil and nothing can be done for them, except remove them (if possible) from their haunting area and confine them to their astral level." (pg. )

 Conway describes a common occult technique to induce astral projection:

"The most commonly described method of attempting astral projection is to sit, eyes closed, and visualize yourself standing in front of your seated physical body. This picture of yourself is to be built up entirely, so that it looks like your reflection in a mirror. Then, bit by bit, one is to transfer consciousness into this astral body. The transfer is complete when you can look back and actually see yourself." (pg. )

She recommends using mugwort, but not in a tea. She says:

"Stuff this little pillow with dried mugwort, an herb long known for its ability to enhance the psychic. Stitch the opening closed." (pg. )

Conway gives plenty of advice with regard to stones such as amethyst, aquamarine, azureite, useful, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, peridot, intermoline. She also gives advice on essential oils such as Bay, Calendula, Camomile, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Deer's Tongue, Frankincense, Honeysecle, Hyacinth, Iris, Jasmine, Lylocke, Lotus, Mace, Mimosa, Mugwort, Mhyrr, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Star Anise, Yarrow.

If you have difficulty getting the astral double to project, want to try closing your eyes and looking upward at the center of your forehead, this is the location of the pineal gland, the brow center, and what is called the third eye.

There are five easy methods that will help you with your time travel during meditation or other methods of astral travel. All of these methods are symbolic pictures sent to your subconscious mind so that it can understand what you want to do. (pg. )

The five "easy methods" are: the time river, the time tunnel, the hall of a thousand doors, the time dial door, and the time machine.

Conway gives many astral projection scripts for various purposes such as healing and learning, but to me they seem more like hypnosis scripts than actual astral projection. For example, she says:

"He introduces himself as Edmund Warbridge as he leads you to the back of the house and down a flight of stairs to a basement area." (pg. 100)

Conway gives several astral projection rituals taken from different cultures but I question how accurate they are. For example, she says:

"The Persian Fire Ceremony: Little remains of the records of the ancient sacred Persian Fire Ceremony. It was part of the Magis' worship of their unnamed God." (pg. 107)

Contrary to what she said, a lot is known about the Persian Fire Ceremony. The Magi were Zoroastrian priests, and Zoroastrianism as a religion is still practiced today in many parts of the world. Their God is not unnamed, but Ahura Mazda.

"If you already have a spouse or lover, you are not in any way being unfaithful. Well, your physical companion is your lover friend on this plane of existence, your astral companion, your lover friend on the astral only." (pg. 120)

She writes:

The chakra through which you exit for your astral journey should be carefully considered. (pg. 122)

I don't know anyone who chooses a chakra and implements that plan. For me it's more a process of dislodging my non-physical body from my physical, and bam, I'm out. Some people (Oliver Fox comes to mind) focus on the pineal gland, while others focus on the third eye, but I believe it's the focus that makes the difference.

Some of the astral works she describes just seems too hokey to me. For example, when giving instructions on healing, she writes:

"Mix some of the astral putty with the liquid light, completely cover the disease with this mixture, giving it the instructions that as it hardens, it will shrink and so will the disease within it." (pg. 157)

I don't know what "astral putty" is nor how to harvest it. I believe healing comes about through focus, intention and energy manipulation. No putty needed. But maybe the putty is the medium through which her focus is achieved.

She does make some good points. For example, she writes:

"If you are having difficulty pulling your consciousness out of the physical body, along with the separation of the astral body from the physical, you might try visualizing a vortex of swirling energy pointing down at the top of your head. Let this vortex lift you up out of your body. You will still have the cord of connection and the ability to return whenever you wish." (pg. 161)

Others (If memory serves, J.H. Brennen and D.Scott Rogo suggest this) Conway also talks about the guardian of the threshold, but she calls it the "Terror of the Threshold." She writes:

"Coming face to face with it can be terrifying. You have to pass the test and overcome your fear before you can advance. When you have faced this guardian in the proper manner, it will transform into a totally different being. If it doesn't transform, you can be certain that you have some deeply buried fears and preconceptions that need to be unearthed." (pg. 166')

"This so-called Terror has another duty once you have passed over the threshold. It guards your physical body from being disturbed or harassed by astral entities and also keeps such beings from challenging you upon your return. The Terror is a powerful ally for all astral healers and magicians." (pg. 167) 

Conway suggests confronting the Guardian/Terror directly. For example, she recommends you ask it direct questions:

"The questions should be specific, such as, Are you made from my fears of death? Are you composed out of propaganda about heaven and hell? Or, Are you my fears of failure and being wrong? Keep questioning until you get answers. It's quite likely that this personal terror is built out of any number of hidden fears, Not just one." (pg. 167)

Conway has an extensive section on astral self-defense. In fact, this is probably the best in the genre. She gives many pieces of advice with regard to astral safety and self-defense. For example, she talks about several things that I have talked about, such as immediately calling upon the white light to surround you.

"While you are defending yourself by using your astral body just as you would your physical, don't overlook the power of your astral "voice." Shout "Be gone!" or "Back off!" with great indignation that anyone or anything should have the temerity to lay hands on you.

Develop an attitude of "don't you dare bother or threaten me!" when when traveling in the astral. Astral entities, like physical attackers, usually prey on those they feel are afraid or timid." (pg. 195)

That's good, sound advice.

The book is big on rituals, assumptions, and suggested scripts, but it's shy on actual techniques to leave your body. Conway seems to have a pervasive attitude that you'll have plenty of time to wander the astral planes. She suggests building your own astral temple, brick by brick, with nice decorations, complete with an altar and ritual items. Sit down, relax, kick up your heels on your astral desk and have yourself a nice cup of astral tea.

In reality, astral projections tend to be very short. The vast majority of OBEs only last a few seconds. A long OBE is less than a minute. I've been "out" as long as two and a half hours or more, but that's unusual. It's more like exploring the depths of the ocean with scuba gear where your oxygen tank is getting low and every minute is precious. I'm certainly not going to spend my precious seconds of OBE time doing construction!

I'll give the book 3 stars out of 5. The writing is professional, with no spelling or grammar mistakes. The book is 218 pages, with glossary and index, so there's plenty of content. But to me it seems more like hypnosis or flights of imagination than actual out-of-body experiences. In other words, to me Conway's OBEs lack...credibility.

Bob Peterson
21 May 2024


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  1. Thanks for another book review. This book does not seem like one that would appeal to me.
    Regarding your comment about fear mongering, and the author's writing about "malicious spirits", I just want to say that one of my favorite (and widely popular) OBE authors who's been intentionally having OBEs for decades wrote in his most recent book something that was deeply disturbing although overall he is not a fear monger, but is very positive and enthusiastic about OBES being very beneficial and enjoyable for himself and everyone else.. The author usually sounds (in video conversations) and seems (in his books) very upbeat, and seems very "down to earth" in the practical and positive sense.
    The disturbing subject that he wrote about was that some entities on the astral levels who were pedophiles on Earth continue after their deaths to "collect" the spirits of newly deceased young boys. He wrote of one boy whom he managed to retrieve before they could "collect" him. Although he frequently does retrievals on the astral levels, he also frequently travels in much higher levels, and is often able to stay out of body for several hours per trip.
    I wonder what you know of malicious entities on the astral levels.

    1. I correct myself because I just heard the author say in a conversation that on rare occasions (not "often" which I'd said earlier) he can stay out of body for "up to 6 hours", but that normally he's out for roughly 60 to 90 minutes per trip.

  2. Thanks, Bob, for reading the bad and middling, and even re-reading the old ones for us. Your work is always appreciated!