Monday, March 25, 2013

Astral Projection Made Easy by Stephanie Sorrell

Astral Projection Made Easy

by Stephanie Sorrell
Book review by Bob Peterson

I've heard it said there are two types of musicians: the ones born with talent and the others have to work their asses off, studying, rehearsing and practising ten hours every day, just to be "good," or even just mediocre. It's the same way with out-of-body experiencers, and I'm the second type. As I said in my last book review, I was not born with any natural OBE talent. I've had to work very hard for my OBEs, and one of the ways I keep my subconscious engaged is to read OBE books. So I recently finished Stephanie Sorrell's book, Astral Projection Made Easy: and overcoming the fear of death. The "made easy" part really had some appeal.

Not long ago, I won a prize at work for doing an excellent job, and that included a gift card for a number of online stores. So once again I scoured for books that weren't in my collection, and bought a bunch. I was expecting a massive, heavy box in the mail. Unfortunately, a very small box was delivered.

It was much too small because the books inside were small. Like Michael Beloved's book, Stephanie Sorrell's book was much too short. It's about half the thickness of Michael Beloved's book, and it is only 70 pages long (Beloved's was 140). Fortunately, this book has a smaller font and less wasted space, so word-for-word, the book probably is longer than Michael Beloved's book. Still, I've read chapters from other books longer than this.

Other than its size, I can't be negative about this book. The writing was clear, concise and well-organized. The OBE narratives were good. There just wasn't enough of it.

Like Beloved, Sorrell gives some good pieces of advice with regard to inducing OBEs: (1) Ensure that you won't be disturbed, (2) Wear loose clothing, (3) Be warm enough and comfortable, (4) Assume a proper position, preferably lying on your back. (5) Slow your breathing, (6) Relax your body, and so on.

As for her technique, there isn't much. She writes:
After some time and effort you will experience a 'hum' or 'buzz' in your head which will become weaker or stronger according to the level of your consciousness.
She gives some advice on how to handle that buzz. But in my opinion, that's more like advice than it is a technique. Then the book just abruptly ends. No wrap-up or conclusions; it just left me hungry for more.

So bottom line: I enjoyed the book a lot, but it was way too short.

It was an entertaining book and I do recommend it, but did it bring anything to light that "made it easy" as the title implies? No, not really. I guess I'll have to keep inducing my OBEs the old-fashioned way: with hard work, narrowing my conscious awareness into the tiniest of spaces.

25 March 2013

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