Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What Should I do When the Vibrations Hit?

What Should I do When the Vibrations Hit?

By Bob Peterson
28 July 2015

This is one of the most common questions I hear from people learning to induce out-of-body experiences:
"I've spent lots of time learning to relax my body and focus my mind. I've reached the stage where I can get the vibrations, but then one of three things always happens:
  1. The vibrations fade away quickly.
  2. I'm paralyzed and completely unable to move, or
  3. It seems like my heart is racing uncontrollably.
Eventually I snap out of it. What should I do to turn this into a full out-of-body experience?"
The most important thing is to remain calm. When the vibrations hit, you need to stay completely 100% passive. Don't think. Don't feel. Don't try to encourage the vibrations because that will cause them to fade away. Just keep your mind as still, unmoving, and passive as possible. Just wait and "watch what happens". Yes, I know that might seem nearly impossible: it's like trying to totally ignore your own electrocution. In one of my books I wrote that it's like ignoring getting slapped in the face, but it is essential. And yes, it can be scary as hell.

When the vibrations reach their peak intensity, try to physically sit up, stand up, roll out, or otherwise get up out of bed. If it's the real OBE vibrations, your physical body won't move, but your astral body may move. If your physical body moves, it wasn't the right vibrations and you probably weren't in a deep enough trance. Either that or you waited too long and the vibrations have already faded away.

If your astral body won't move, or is paralyzed, pinned or stuck to the physical body, try again physically to move in a different direction. If you can't sit, try to roll left. If you can't roll left, try to roll right. If that doesn't work, try to do a backward somersault.

If you've tried everything and still can't get unglued from your physical body, here's what to do:
  1. Close your (astral) eyes and keep them closed.
  2. Try to push forward with your consciousness and just imagine that your consciousness is moving forward.  Even though you may not feel any movement, your consciousness will move forward in your astral body.  If you have doubts that it's working and open your eyes prematurely, your awareness will zip like a ball on a rubber band back to your body.  So keep your eyes closed and have faith that your consciousness is moving forward.  
  3. Keep pushing forward with your consciousness in your imagination as hard as you can, just like walking underwater, until you are about fifteen feet (five meters) away from your body. Visualize that the walls or ceiling in front of you are getting closer as you imagine moving forward. Of course, since your eyes are closed, you can only guess your progress, so don’t obsess on the distance, just take a best guess. 
  4. Once you are safely fifteen feet away from your body, you may open your eyes, and you will be in your astral body and free to roam.
If this sounds familiar, it may be because I've given this advice before in an article on my website called "What Everyone Should Know About Sleep Paralysis, ASP and OBEs".

The "racing heart" thing is often a manifestation of fear or anticipation. You should let that all go. It's almost never your real physical heart that's racing anyway; sometimes it's scare tactics from your subconscious. It's usually an energy sensation associated with your non-physical body, not your physical body, so don't be concerned that your heart is going to explode, etc. Just do your best to ignore the sensation.

Bob Peterson
28 July 2015


  1. I'm so tired from backward somersaulting into space all the time. It's exhausting. Any advice to stop it? Thank you.

  2. Try this... Imagine another pair of arms growing out of your back. Once you've done that, imagine them grabbing hold of a rope that's hanging from above you and using those new arms, begin to pull yourself up the rope, just like you used to do in Gym Class in school. Eventually, you'll pull yourself free of the physical and totally into the Astral.

    1. Wow nice, I get this sensation of wanting to grab a rope and pull myself out often, cool to read it like this :)

  3. I get short of breath when my heart beat raises as mentioned above and when I breathe I become more conscious of physical relam.

  4. I've been trying for 4 days now (in a row) but I've never tried to move my body, only imagined moving my body. I'm a psychic and a wiccan. I figured I'd get farther due to my spiritual experience. But I will try this!

  5. I'm getting close to OBE but not yet. I got to a point where my point-of-view flickered almost like a camera shutter and changed viewpoints from physical body to astral body (?). Possibly I prematurely opened my physical eyelid and snapped out of it while in a dark room so got confused. I have to try again. I haven't broken my first OBE and dying to get it done to prove it to myself. If I can duplicate that experience I'm gonna try and wade through 15 feet before opening my eye.

  6. Is the window limited in trying to get out? I see a red fireball .. should I try to get out when it’s closest? I thought once vibration hits u are walking on obe time but sounds like u only get a fraction of a second to do it? I’m getting close but I can’t seem to transfer my consciousness to the astral body.