Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The "Almost Move" Technique

The "Almost Move" Technique

by Bob Peterson

Different people require different techniques in order to induce OBEs. What works for one person often doesn't work for another. So I'm always researching new OBE techniques, not only by reading OBE books, but also experimenting with new techniques.

Here is a simple OBE technique I've used a few times lately, with a fair amount of success. I won't claim to have invented it, but I don't recall many other authors talking about it.

Step 1 - Preparation.

As usual, make your attempts in the morning when you're fresh and not sleepy. Choose a quiet and distraction-free location. Lie down on your back, face up, hands comfortably resting on your hips. Take a few deep breaths.

Step 2 - Close your Eyes and Relax Completely.

Close your eyes and relax your body as much as possible. If possible, relax your body until you can't even feel your body anymore.

Step 3 - Imagine Your Body Is Paralyzed.

When your body is totally relaxed, imagine that your body is paralyzed. It doesn't need to be paralyzed; you just need to imagine that it is.

Step 4 - Pick a Part of your Body to Move.

This will probably work with any body part, but for now, I recommend one of three methods of movement. Either:
  1. Pick both shoulders to be moved simultaneously up and down (not shrugging, but similar to throwing the shoulders forward).
  2. Pick to move the left shoulder, then the right shoulder (almost like pivoting), alternating.
  3. Pick to move both arms, pivoting at the elbows.

I've had success with all three, but I prefer #2.

Step 5 - Drift down into a light trance.

Once you've picked a type of movement, just let your mind relax and let go, drifting off into a light trance where you're staring off into space.

Step 6 - Imagine Moving Those Body Parts An Infinitesimal Amount.

Here's where things get tricky and hard to explain. You want to come as close as you can to moving the body parts you've chosen in step 4, without actually moving them. You want to try to physically move your physical body, but only the tiniest amount you can possibly imagine. How tiny? You don't want to move a hundredth of an inch (or centimeter); that's too much. You don't want to move your body a thousandth of an inch (or centimeter); that's too much. Even a millionth of an inch (or centimeter) is too much. In fact, the amount you want to move is exactly zero inches (zero centimeters).

Every time you move your shoulders (or arms) like this, use your intent: Intend that your astral body moves rather than the physical, and imagine that it's physically moving.

Repeat this over and over: moving your shoulders (or pivoting your arms at the elbows) zero inches, with the intent of your astral body moving.

Alternative method: If you have a hard time imagining that your body is moving forward and backward, instead, pretend that someone (like a helper or guardian angel) is hovering above you, and they repeatedly push your left shoulder down, then your right shoulder down, then repeat that motion so that it seems like they are almost rocking you to sleep by pressing on your shoulders.

If you can imagine this vividly enough, this method can move your astral body out of alignment from your physical body. Either that or it can also induce the vibrations. From there, you can follow my advice on What To Do When The Vibrations Hit.

29 March 2016

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  1. I've been working on OBEs (sporadically) for the last 6yrs... with... well, mixed results. Now I haven't succeeded in achieving an obe, but I've become competent in sensory deprivation. (FYI: I think my free flow waterbed is a great boon on that count). My efforts n lucid dreaming, though I haven't gained astral traveling out of it yet,have been absolutely transcendental. I've experienced true dreams & my skills as an amateur astrologer skyrocketed. Sorry for babbling. The very 1st words on the page gave me, possibly, the most insight. Thanks for giving free advice!