Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Deja Vu, Synchronicity, Fate, Destiny and the Law of Attraction

Deja Vu, Synchronicity, Fate, Destiny and the Law of Attraction

By Bob Peterson

Sometimes people ask me, "What exactly is Deja Vu?" And, "Why is it starting to happen to me more now that I'm learning Astral Projection?"

First, let me make myself perfectly clear: I'm constantly revising my worldview and beliefs based on new information. So everything I'm about to tell you might eventually be proven wrong. The older I get, the more I know that I don't know.

I'll tell you exactly what I believe it is, and how it relates to synchronicity, destiny (fate) and how this all relates to the "Law of Attraction." Yes, this could all be wrong, but it's also is based on years of personal first-hand experience.

What I'm about to tell you may surprise many. I suppose it depends on how far down the rabbit hole you're been. Very few people understand the depths of this fundamental truth: You are just an actor in a play: the play of your life.

Every night, while you're asleep, your "Higher Self" (for lack of a better word) has a secret "planning phase." I only say "secret" because you're almost always unconscious and unaware when it happens. The Higher Self normally makes sure it stays that way.

During that phase, you meticulously plan the future events in your physical life. You spend hours unconsciously planning future events, writing the script. Like a dedicated movie producer, director, and film editor, you rehearse future events that are "supposed to" happen. You try out different scenarios and circumstances and make tiny adjustments until you "get it right." That is, until your Higher Self is satisfied with the outcome.

During this time, you play-act. You subconsciously think, "Maybe I can achieve the correct outcome if I arrive in the room three seconds later." Let's see how it plays out. "Nope...Maybe I should take my hands out of my pockets when I talk to her." Let's see how it plays out. "Nope, it's not quite right. Let's try it this way." You rehearse that event over and over. When your Higher Self is satisfied with the outcome, it finalizes its plans. This is done not just for important events, but even tiny little events; things we consider insignificant.

How far out does it plan? Sometimes weeks, sometimes months.

Deja Vu--the feeling that you've lived this moment before--is simply when you remember the plans of your Higher Self, and it's often because you spent too much time rehearsing for that moment over and over.

In other words, Deja Vu is the memory of the plans you made in your sleep. If you feel like you've lived that moment before, it's because you have. You've rehearsed that moment over and over again in your sleep, and now is the time to actually perform that scene.

What we call "Synchronicity" is simply the result of those plans. In order to achieve some outcome, your Higher Self makes you (and your personal reality) jump through hoops. The props are carefully placed on the stage of life. Everything is put there in order to achieve the outcome of those plans. It's just that we normally don't notice. If those "hoops" become convoluted enough, we call it synchronicity.

In other words, Seth/Jane Roberts was right: You create your own reality. You put the props on stage.

So if your Higher Self wants to send you a personal message, show you a bigger portion of the puzzle,or even just mess with you (play a joke on you), it will make the "hoops" more convoluted, more complex, more absurd; so convoluted that even you can't deny it. That's synchronicity.

Synchronicity is that knowledge, for example, that "If I hadn't paused at the door for a second, I would have gotten on the earlier elevator and never met her." It's because you planned it and rehearsed it.

Some people believe in "fate" or "destiny," that the events of our lives have inevitable outcomes. I'm telling you right now: There is no such thing as destiny. There is no such thing as fate. Your future is not set in stone. It's all carefully planned, and plans can always be changed. You don't have to go through other painful life lessons. For example, you don't have to die of cancer because it's predestined. Those plans can be changed.

The problem is, your Higher Self makes all these plans for your highest spiritual benefit. Things work out the way they're "supposed to" by decree of your Higher Self. As the producer of your life's play, it has a lot more influence over the outcome than you do. You didn't write the play: you're just the actor. Yes, you can certainly ad-lib. You can refuse to act. You can go on strike or throw temper tantrums. You can fight and resist, and go through life kicking and screaming. But you (the ego you're most familiar with) are still just an actor.

Your Higher Self pours the concrete on the road in front of you, but you can drive anywhere you want on that road.

So why do we experience deja vu more when we start practicing OBEs? Simply because we start to blur the lines between waking and sleeping, between conscious and subconscious. We learn to carry over more memories from these "protected" or "secret" states of awareness. With better memory of our nocturnal events, we are more likely to recall these plans made for the future.

So how do you change the play of your life? Only your higher self has authority to do that. However, I believe if you learn the spiritual lessons "you're supposed to" and accomplish the goals of your higher self, it will be happy to accommodate changes to the script. There's no need to go through a painful lesson if you learn that lesson before you get to the painful part.

How does this relate to the law of attraction? Seth/Jane Roberts said you create your reality from your beliefs, both conscious and subconscious. Many other channelers have said similar things, each with their own personal twist. The "Law of Attraction" says that you attract the things in life you're most focused on, and what you believe in. Some insist it has to do with Sacred Contracts between souls. Others insist it depends on how much emotion you put behind those feelings. My belief is: it's all part of your life's play.

If you want to attract positive things into your life, the key is to accomplish the spiritual goals of your Higher Self. As long as the lesson is learned, your Higher Self will be happy to shower you with anything you desire in life. In other words, you can do anything and have anything, as long as it doesn't interfere with the spiritual plans of your Higher Self. Half the battle is figuring out what you're supposed to be learning, but almost everyone has repeating patterns. Look for them. They're often identified by thoughts like: "I keep attracting women who are X," or "I keep losing Y," or "I keep getting hurt because Z."

The key is greater cooperation and communication with your Higher Self.

How do you implement changes? I like to describe it in these steps:
  • Decide what you really want.
  • Affirm that you'll get it.
  • Agree to work hard on your Higher Self's spiritual goals in exchange for what you want.
  • Visualize having the desired outcome, with great joy.  
  • Follow through: work for your goals and learn those spiritual lessons.

"Manifesting is easy: Just barter with your inner voice. But be sure to keep your word."
The caveat is: you're never going to win the lottery (or anything) if that would interfere with your life's lessons. But you can win the lottery (or anything) if it won't interfere. Get it?

How do I know all this? I've seen it firsthand. I've consciously witnessed my Higher Self making plans for future events. I've remembered those plans in my waking life. Later, I've lived out those events, exactly as planned, and experienced it as deja vu.

How can you gain better access to these plans? How can you learn to see into the future? By improving communications with your Higher Self. Things like meditation, introspection, and OBE practice definitely helps. So does becoming more spiritual and less judgmental.

Bob Peterson
21 February 2017


  1. I've come to mostly the same conclusion, although I am always foggy about where private reality and mass reality overlap. I recall Seth-Jane saying that in your dream world you sample "probable events" and those most beneficial (that are not blocked by your limiting beliefs) are the ones you experience physically.

  2. Thank you, Bob. Another eye-opener article. I really believe what you're writing and I'm glad someone like you validates what my intuition is trying to tell for some time. Keep them coming...

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  5. Thanks a lot. Now i know why it takes time to happen.the earliest i a day before it happen, sometimes a week or months but the longer is years before it happends. Thanks again.

  6. If all these plans predetermined and all what is left to do is just play your role then what it is if not the destiny?