Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dietary Considerations

OBE Dietary Considerations

by Bob Peterson

In my previous blog entry, I gave an excerpt about wheat gluten from my forthcoming book, Hacking the Out of Body Experience, chapter 69. Because of recent discussions on Facebook about vegetarian diets and such, I decided to post the rest of chapter 69, "Dietary Considerations." Enjoy.
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A lot of authors have theories about what works and what doesn’t to induce OBEs, but that’s only what works for them, not you. This especially applies to diet. D. Scott Rogo dedicated an entire chapter to “Astral Projection through Dietary Control”1 which, he says, dates back at least to 1916. He names it the “[Minnie] Keeler system” and credits amateur psychic investigator Prescott Hall for documenting it. He says to combine the diet with a routine of visualizations like the techniques in part 2 [of this book]. The system, Rogo says, is this:

  1. The student should begin by either fasting or cutting down food intake.
  2. No food of any sort should be eaten just before an OBE attempt. Overeating may bar any success at OBE travel.
  3. No meat should be eaten during the training program.
  4. The diet should consist mainly of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Carrots are extremely beneficial.
  6. Raw eggs are favorable to the diet and to OB release.
  7. No nuts of any kind are to be eaten.
  8. Peanuts are especially bad. (Peanuts aren’t technically nuts, but belong to the pea family).
  9. Liquids of all types are beneficial, but are not to be used in excess.

As far as I can recall, this is the only OBE book that mentions not eating nuts. What’s so special about nuts? Many people become constipated when they eat nuts, and I’ve had friends tell me they can’t induce OBEs if they’re constipated. I’ve also had friends tell me they can’t induce OBEs if they don’t drink enough water, and lack of water also leads to constipation. I believe it all goes back to the bacterium in the gut. In chapter 66 I talked about how raw potato starch gives you longer REM sleep because it feeds bacterium in your gut. I think they influence OBEs more than anyone realizes

The human body is a very complex ecosystem packed with not only human cells, but lots of other chemicals, hormones, nutrients, and bacteria. In fact, scientists in the UK recently discovered that we have more non-human DNA in our bodies than human DNA!2 Normally, this ecosystem works just fine and we live normal “physical” lives, but if you tip some of those factors out of balance, OBEs may result, or at least become more likely. You may need to experiment with some of the factors below until you “tip the balance” in favor of OBEs.

The Effects of a Vegetarian Diet

Like Rogo’s book above, many in the genre recommend a vegetarian diet to induce OBEs.3 Graham Nicholls recently conducted an informal study of his OBE students in which he created a index value based on both frequency per month and duration of OBEs for a ten-month period. He found that students with plant-based diets consistently scored higher than those with non-plant-based diets.

Other experts say meat has no bearing on OBEs4 unless you believe it does, in which case the placebo effect kicks in. So which is it? Scientists are now learning that there are multiple body types. They recently found that any given weight loss diet might work for one person but not another because different body types metabolize foods differently. Maybe the same holds true for OBEs: maybe a vegetarian diet benefits some body types and not others. I’ve always been a meat eater, and it’s never affected my OBEs, but maybe other dietary considerations are more important than meat.

Body Mass

A vegetarian diet might work due to having less body mass: have you ever met an obese vegetarian? Or maybe they tend to eat more wheat gluten than meat eaters (more on that below.) I have reason to believe your weight or body mass may influence your ability to induce OBEs. Although it might be purely psychological, I have problems inducing OBEs if I get too heavy: 200 lbs (91 kg) seems to be my upper limit. More study is needed, of course, but I’ve generally found it much easier when my body weighs around 185 lbs (84 kg) or less. Since I’m 5’10” tall (177.8 cm), that makes my ideal body mass index 26.5. Maybe the brain chemicals and hormones needed for an OBE are too “spread out” if your body mass is too high, similar to how a small person becomes more quickly impaired by alcohol than a large person.

Fasting, Meal Quantity, and Dinner Time

Some religious and spiritual traditions teach that fasting can help induce altered states of consciousness like OBEs. Sylvan Muldoon wrote that “Fasting is promotive of astral projection.”5 He believed that without food, the astral body needed to spend more time away from the physical “to collect a greater charge of cosmic energy to balance the loss.” Other teachers dismiss this idea.6 For example, Akhena writes, “There is no point in suggesting that you fast in order to increase your chances of leaving your body.”

Several sources say that OBEs are more likely if you’ve only had a light meal for dinner. A friend told me he is much more likely to have OBEs if he doesn’t eat anything after 3:00pm (15:00). I’ve never tried with this, but fasting after 3:00 may work for some people. It’s certainly worth trying.

Pasta and Wheat Gluten
(I already posted this section into this blog article: https://obeoutlook.blogspot.com/2018/11/obes-pasta-and-wheat-gluten.html)
If you take all these things into consideration, you might be able to increase your OBEs by following these recommendations:
  • Eat only light meals, and nothing after 3:00pm.
  • Eat less meat, nuts, and cheese, and more carrots and other vegetables.
  • Eat more wheat gluten.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and stay trim.
  • Drink lots of water.
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  1. Great article. I have tried, over the last 50-60 years of OBE fun, to try to make some correlation to my OBE success and various factors. I have years and years of journals....no correlation to anything I could think of.. Diet, sex, direction, morality, state of mind, etc. And that's just a sample of one. I think many people try something and they have an OBE so they do it over and over like a dog barking at a car sure that the barking is making the car drive away and when they stop having the OBE experience they wonder why the barking is no longer working.