Tuesday, May 12, 2020

My Favorite OBE/AP Memes

My Favorite OBE/AP Memes

by Bob Peterson

This time I decided to share some of the astral projection / out-of-body memes and comics I've seen on Facebook, including some I made myself (Mine are all at the bottom of the article).

Excuse the language.

Old people problems!

So that's what they do in their spare time!
Truth bomb.

Here are some OBE/AP memes I made myself:

I took this really bad photo of William Buhlman, so I made it into a meme:
I actually spotted this bus in Turkey and had to take a photo.
When I spend too much time at my computer and start to get flabby:
The little things you notice when you're up at the ceiling!
Faith is blind. Learning is second-hand. Knowing is firsthand. Direct experience trumps them all.
At the beginning, too many of my OBE attempts were aborted because I was afraid. Don't succumb to fear!
I usually intend to do some interesting experiment when I'm out-of-body, but sometimes I can't resist doing some joyful, wild, erratic loop-the-loops in the sky.
Organized religions are all based on someone else's direct experience of the divine. Astral projection gives you the ability to get your own experience.
This one got a lot of Likes. Even William Buhlman himself liked it!
This happened to me so many times when I lived in the Twin Cities.
Remember to do your reality checks as often as you can, because lucid dreams can be transitioned into OBEs.
This is just like me, once I get to the other side.
Get rid of that pesky Sleep Paralysis demon the Samuel L. Jackson way!
Speed dating!

I bet they never made this episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants.
We leave our bodies every night, but we're unconscious.
I'm often asked "Why would anyone want to leave their body?" Well, here's my answer: Because (like this owl) free flight is our nature and our birthright, but (like the cage) our physical body keeps us locked up (for a reason). But eventually we learn to get away, if only for a few minutes.
I made this a long time ago when Lu Banyon's son was just a baby. She met her kids on the astral before they were born.
One day I had to take a poke at our friends from Eckankar who use "Hu" as an OBE mantra.
One day I had some idle time, or should I say (Billy) Idol time, so I made this meme.
One of Ozzy Osbourne's best songs.
 Here's my Star Trek meme. Star Trek is fiction, but OBEs aren't.
Here's a rock and roll affirmation for you from Kiss.

Bob Peterson
12 May, 2020
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