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10 Best OBE Technique Books 2021

10 Best OBE Technique Books 2021

by Bob Peterson

One of the most frequent questions people ask is: What are the best books on how to achieve astral projection / out-of-body experience? It's been several years since I wrote my "Bob's Best of Breed" OBE book list, so I thought I'd give an updated list, this time focusing on just the books that give good "how to" instructions.

Different people have different needs, and different teachers have different teaching styles, so choosing a good OBE technique is kind of a subjective thing. Not everyone will agree with my picks. Still, it's a lot better than picking one at random or based on sales history. You can click on the links below to read my review of each of these books.

Without further ado ("Hi Shire Horse!") here's my list:

1.Hacking the Out of Body Experience
by Robert Peterson

Okay, I admit I'm biased because I wrote it. Still, I tried really hard to make it the best "how to" book available on the subject, and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback.

2. The Phase
by Michael Raduga

The Phase is chock full of helpful OBE tips and techniques. Raduga is down to Earth and technical, and the book is primarily focused on techniques. Before I wrote Hacking, this was my number one.

3. Astral Dynamics
by Robert Bruce

Although a bit occult-oriented, it's still a great resource. Bruce's "energy bouncing" OBE conditioning techniques are the best in the field. His "Rope" and other tactile OBE techniques are classics, widely imitated and parroted by many other inferior books.

4. Adventures Beyond the Body
by William Buhlman

Buhlman's first book has become many people's go-to book on how to achieve astral projection for many years. When I read this book the first time I kept interrupting my wife, Kathy, who was reading beside me with, "I love this guy! Listen to this quote..."

5. Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience
by Graham Nicholls

Nicholls' book has many solid OBE techniques. When I first reviewed this book in 2012, I undervalued it. Comparing it to other books in the field, this is a gem. I hear Graham is working on a new improved version of this book that's due out sometime in 2021. I can't wait!

6. Leaving the Body
by D. Scott Rogo

Although it's a bit out of date, Rogo's book is full of techniques, coming from several different angles/approaches to induce OBEs. Very insightful. A must read, if you can find a copy.

7. Travel Far
by Darryl Berry

I found Berry's book to be one of the most unassuming, friendly, and helpful "How To" books. This book is a lost leader.

8. Out of Body Experiences
by Akhena

Translated to English from the original French, Akhena's techniques and narratives are epic. The book has some of the best examples of "proof" in the genre. Unfortunately, this book is out-of-print and hard to find and the author passed away. I hope some day this book will be reprinted.

9. Astral Projection
by Richard Craze

Craze's book is small / compact, but chock full of 22 OBE techniques. His techniques are some of the most creative and insightful, especially since it was published in the 1990s. The book is also out-of-print, hard to find, and expensive.

10. Experiencing Astral Travel
by V.M.Beelzebub

If you can get beyond all the mystique and occult "cloak-and-dagger," Beelzebub's book is actually a pretty good technique book.

Honorable Mentions:

These are also very good technique books, and well worth the money:

Out-of-Body Exploring by Preston Dennett 

Behind the Veil by Daniel Kelley

Explorations Out of the Body by Eddie Slasher

How I Learned Soul Travel by Terrill Willson

Many OBE books claim to be the "Ultimate Guide" to inducing astral projection or out-of-body experiences, but few books live up to the claim. The books that actually deliver are few and often hard-to-find.

Before you buy any book on astral projection or out-of-body experiences, check my list of OBE Book Reviews see if I've written a book review for it.

Bob Peterson

27 April 2021

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