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Marie's OBE Technique

Marie's OBE Technique

by Bob Peterson

In this article I'm passing along an immersive OBE technique from one of my readers; a woman who calls herself Marie. I've edited it from the original, but the essence is unchanged.

First, sit in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed, hands to your side, and relax. Start slowly tapping the side of your thigh with one finger. Imagine you are at a physical location you know well on the side of a big hill with friends (or family). It must be an place felt happy and relaxed as a child, like a park.

In your imagination, take in the environment: the orange and blues of the sky as the sun sets, the summer breeze in your hair, the laughter of your family or friends. Imagine a pleasant smell in the air, like flowers (or even cigarettes if that appeals to you). Imagine you feel a paper cup in your hands with your favorite drink. Imagine the green color of the trees. Imagine your clothes flowing in the breeze flapping against your leg. Imagine the sound of a distant dog barking. You're having a good time and feel safe, happy, and carefree. Stay this way for a while and act out conversations with your friends (or family), knowing you've got all the time in the world.

Check in with your physical body for a second and tap your thigh then disregard it and get back to your imagination.

Imagine your friends play Frisbee and laugh with each other. After a while, imagine there are stone steps going down the hill (even if they don't exist in that physical location).

Check 1: Remind yourself you're still in the room, sitting in a chair, so you don't fall asleep or go into a lucid dream. Then return to your imaginary park.

Imagine you and your best friend go down the steps to get away from the main group and talk about your experience as kids on that hill. Pretend that you dare each other to go faster and faster as you go down the steps and it starts declining steeply downward.

Pretend you see your other friends rolling down the hill in a race and giggle as they all reach the bottom, laughing and pushing each other in the distance. In your imagination, you decide to take a short cut and run on the grass to beat your friend on the steps. As you run, you laugh and feel the wind in your hair.

Your best friend waves at you from the steps. Pretend you look toward the bottom and cannot see your other friends. You begin to wonder if they reached the bottom of the hill first. They must have gone to get ice cream (or some treat) and you don't want to be left out.

Check 2: you're still awake can feel the chair on your back.

Pretend you run faster to catch up. You feel the blades of grass on your ankles. Your best friend on the steps starts clapping and cheering you on. You reach the peak where it starts going very steep and down toward the bottom of the hill where there's a forest of trees.

At this point, your physical body has stopped moving so you're not tapping your thigh anymore. As you run down hill in your imagination, feel your stomach flip and a feeling of lightheadedness as you get faster.

Fully immerse yourself in the feelings of excitement. Feel the rush of energy as you stop thinking about winning now and start to think about flying.

In your imagination, run faster, smelling the air, feeling the ground beneath you, then pretend you do a nosedive, but rather than fall down the steep hill, you float up horizontally and fly. All of a sudden you head upward into the sky where you soar around like a bird.

At this point, your imaginary park scene may take on a sense of realness. You may also find your sense of motion come to a complete sudden stop. You may be in total darkness, and the vibrations may sweep into your body. The separation should be complete, so you should put some distance between you and your physical body by walking, running, swimming, or flying in any direction. Don't worry about your eyesight until you're at least 15 feet / 5 meters away from your body.

For instructions for what to do when the vibrations hit, read this article.

Bob Peterson
19 April 2022

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