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Problem 6: Stuck in Sleep Paralysis

Problem 6: Stuck in Sleep Paralysis

by Bob Peterson

This is part 6 in a series of articles I wrote to help you solve out-of-body problems. 

The previous 5 articles I focused on problems getting out-of-body. Here are links to them all:

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Now I will focus on problems you encounter after you've induced the proper state. 

In this article I'd like to focus on a problem many have faced: You exit your body, but you find yourself tightly glued to it, stuck in sleep paralysis, and unable to go anywhere.

I first wrote about this problem twenty-one years ago in this article.

The secret lies primarily in knowing what’s really happening.

In the sleep paralysis state your consciousness seems to be focused, not in your astral body, but in your "energy body," also known as the "etheric body." Since the energy body is closely associated with your physical body, you won't be able to dislodge it or get it more than a few inches/centimeters away from the physical body. That can’t happen until you’re dead, or close to it.

There are exceptions to the rule: "physical mediums" or "spirit mediums" seem to be able to remove their etheric body from the physical. You may also be able to dislodge it temporarily if you're sick or injured, but for most normal people, there's just no way.

The secret is, you need to transfer your consciousness from your energy or etheric body to your astral body.

After a lot of experimentation, I found a way.

  1. Close your eyes and keep them closed.
  2. Push forward with your consciousness and imagine your consciousness is moving forward. Even though you may not feel any movement, your consciousness will move forward in your astral body. If you doubt that it is working and open your eyes prematurely, your awareness will zip like a ball on a rubber band back into your energy body. So keep your eyes shut and have faith that your consciousness is moving forward.
  3. Keep pushing forward with your consciousness as hard as you can, just like walking underwater, until you are about fifteen feet (five meters) away from your physical body. Of course, since your eyes are closed, you can only guess (or approximate) how far this is, so don’t obsess on the distance. Just take a best guess.
  4. Once you are safely fifteen feet/five meters away from your body, open your (non-physical) eyes again, and you will be in your astral body and free to roam.

In his book The Vibrational State, author Maverick Vard√łger described a similar technique he calls "Breaking the Glue" in which you close your eyes and sit up and pry yourself free with a great deal of force coupled with imagination.

You are now free to move about the cabin. Enjoy the ride!

Bob Peterson,
07 February 2022
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