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Lessons Out of the Body

Lessons Out of the Body

by Robert Peterson

Today I'm reviewing Lessons Out of the Body: A Journal of Spiritual Growth and Out of Body Travel by Robert Peterson. Actually, no. I'm not reviewing it because I wrote it, and I'm obviously biased.

Many people buy astral projection and out-of-body experience books without knowing much about the contents. To help people make an informed decision, I've been doing detailed book reviews for many of these books for the past 8 years. And I recommend that before you buy any book about it, check to see if I've done a book review. But it recently occurred to me: my own books--the books I wrote--are not represented in my list, so it is unfair to me to keep them out and say nothing. So here it is.

In my first book, Out of Body Experiences, I tried to be as objective and scientific as possible. I basically reported my observations about the out-of-body experience, but I didn't talk about where it has led me in life. People really liked that.

In Lessons Out of the Body, I wrote about how out-of-body experiences have changed my life, made me a more spiritual person, and the life-lessons they taught me. Whereas the first book was the scientific side of OBEs, this book is the spiritual side of OBEs. As the subtitle implies, it is more geared toward "new age" and "spiritual" people. Readers who bought it with different expectations were disappointed. It's also a collection of things I had learned about OBEs in the two years since the first book's publication, and all the little things I regretted not mentioning in the first book.

Like the first book, this one is divided into two parts. Part one is "Life Lessons." This includes narratives of some of my most spiritually impactful out-of-body experiences. The chapters are as follows:

1. The Next Step
2. Perspective
3. The Wolf’s Lesson
4. Meeting With A Master
5. Astral Lynch Mobs
6. The Soulmate Experience
7. The JoAnn Lessons
8. Peggy's Gift
9. On Soulmates
10. Cathy
11. The Edge of Thorns
12. Cathys and Kathys
13. A Parting Gift
14. Helping
15. The Test
16. Chasing God
17. The OBE Outlook on Life

Part two is "Twenty Years of Out-of-Body Research." The chapters are:

18. Explore Your World...And Others!
19. The Continuum of Consciousness
20. OBEs and Organized Religion
21. The Problem of Obtaining Proof
22. How OBE is Like Tightrope Walking
23. OBEs and Psychic Protection
24. Are Alien Abductions OBEs?
25. Out-of-Body Experiences versus Lucid Dreams
26. Keys for Inducing an OBE
27. Using Desire to Achieve Out of Body Experiences
28. State of Mind Required to Induce an OBE
29. A Simplified Technique for Inducing an OBE
30. Improving Your OBE Ability
31. Overcoming Problems During an OBE
32. Questions and Answers

The book is 271 pages. It was published in 2001.

I'm giving it 3 and a 1/2 stars out of 5, just because readers didn't like it as well as my first book.

Bob Peterson

10 January 2021


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