Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Religious OBE Experiments - Part 3

 Religious OBE Experiments - Part 3

by Bob Peterson

This is really "Part 4" of the series based on my own OBE experiments, with the three prior articles here:

  1. Meeting Jesus Christ Face To Face, (December 2015) and
  2. Religious OBE Experiments (September 2021)
  3. Religious OBE Experiments - Part 2 (October 2021)

Like the prior articles, this one comes from my second book, Lessons Out of the Body, which is out of print, from chapter 16, "Chasing God." Here is another OBE where I tried to contact God. This OBE narrative was from February 20, 2000:

This morning I tried to induce an OBE around 9:00 a.m., and was successful. After careful consideration, I decided to try once more to contact God.

I reached out with my mind with the intent of experiencing God and something strange happened. I was staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, and I noticed a spider crawling on the ceiling. Somehow, I knew this was another test as a second, third and fourth spider converged on the ceiling. Who or what was giving me this test?

Soon there were dozens of spiders on the ceiling above me. I realized I wasn’t really seeing spiders; I was seeing the illusion of spiders as part of the test. I also realized what the test was: before I could realize oneness with God, I had to embrace and experience God’s love. I had to raise my vibrations to the level of God. I reasoned that God loves all things, even spiders and the most hideous creatures on the planet.  How could I expect to attain oneness with God until I raised my own love to that same level? Spiders were just the first question of the exam.

I suddenly became very emotional and pleaded my answer to the invisible helper who gave me the test, “Yes, I will love all things, even the spiders,” but I knew the test was not over: my ability (or inability) to love would be pushed far beyond my endurance, and that’s why I was so overcome with emotions. This was just the beginning; what other horrors would I have to face, and love? I was overcome with emotions and started sobbing until I was reintegrated with my body. I opened my eyes and thought about the OBE a long time before getting up.

So once again, my attempts to contact "God" from an OBE failed, but I learned some valuable lessons.

Many years later I read stories of other out-of-body travelers encountering "astral spiders" on their ceilings from an OBE, and I wonder: Is this some kind of Universal test we all must pass some day? Or is it some unknown fear-based trigger buried deep in our subconscious? It's hard to say, but having experienced it firsthand, it was sure emotionally charged. And once again, it defied all my expectations.

Bob Peterson
19 October 2021

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  1. Bob I had a very similar experience. Giant spiders were coming out of my walls everywhere and I had my husband spray them because they were too big to kill. I ran to the kitchen for safety and stood there when he rounded the corner and sprayed me hard on the forehead and it rolled down into my right ear. He couldn't distinguish me from the spiders because like you said, we are all Gods creatures and I had to suffer the same fate as what we were doing. I thought I was just having a nightmare but this makes sense now as I have had other religious OBEs very recently. After this dream I also had another that was funny but I was brought immediately out by some demon screeching right in front of my face. When you say other tests, I think this was test #2 all in the same night. Before reading your post I thought the demon was the one inducing nightmares. I am wondering if my response to the demon was being judged but I have to wonder why?

  2. I have killed spiders in my apartment, but not without a pang or two, and a feeling of righteousness. Other times I have pushed them outside carefully. Try having bedbugs and you’ll quickly get over the creepy crawlies and any swiftly needed dispatching. Happy Halloween btw ;)

  3. I have both let spiders outside or swiftly dispatched. After having bedbugs I felt a bit self-righteous. Not feeling up for a brown recluse or anything like that if I can help it.

  4. "Man" made go(o)d in his own image & likeness.
    The word "god" does NOT exist in (original) scripture.
    You are getting s(omething else)
    because you are searching for something
    (that is) man_made.
    Your brain is trying to tell you
    you are making a terrible (=horrible) mistake
    that makes NO_SENSE. (=Unreasonable. NOT logical,0
    =NOT Facts.)

    What makes you think
    past translators
    (flawless &)
    knew everything?

    God spelt "backwards" is "dog", as in dogma(y).
    You have been brainwashed, lifelong!
    It's a mess(iah)! (=Messy_Ah!=wonder).
    DON'T forget
    it's cruciFICTION! (a double_cross=lie!=deceit).
    Many have tried to warn you
    (from the past);
    but bad habits
    are difficult to change.
    Especially when you are afraid.

    Higher states of (your own) being are possible;
    but they do NOT fit
    with the barbaric, cannibal(listic),
    bad=(mid)evil christian translations
    of Martin Luther (German);
    NOR Tyndale (England).

  5. What makes you think
    past translators
    ("are" flawless?; &)
    knew everything?

    1. I never said past translators were flawless and/or knew everything. Just the opposite. They were very flawed and misunderstood a lot.

  6. I was just repeating my question
    because this website
    does NOT allow corrections (=re_edits of typo_errors)
    after the post(ing).

    "are" was missing.

    My point is god
    or (really) good
    is NOT as we expect it.

    Scripture says
    we should NOT make a picture
    of go(o)d;
    but what did the catholic (=caught_holey)
    church (=search) do?

    They surrounded us with statues
    & pictures;
    & NEVER understood
    the TRINITY (I, you, it =1st, 2nd, 3rd)
    is grammar (person('s) "perspective"),
    (that is)
    easily swapped.

    1. Al(l)_I'( a)m, ego=I(_am). (Gen1:1 "Al_I'm" is complete with apostrophy, but missing a (modern) doubled "l" =L (ell)).
    2. Is_so_you (jesou) the is_real (israel) you (jew), be yourself (NOT fake).
    3. a.geo_pneumatos (NOT_earthly air, =atmosphere) (spear_)it (spirit),
    point=aim at it, because it is NOT matter (=atoms).

    The (secret) key
    to scripture is pronouncing it,
    because each villiage
    had its own spelling;
    NOT having a school standard spelling
    like we do today.

    God's name is "ja" (YH or YHWH) =YES!
    The (jah's) "ah" (H) wavers as we close our mouth
    thus H"W"H. (=They had too much (acoustic) detail there, for us now).

    Ja=Total agreement,
    NO opposition
    NOR conflict.

    =Total acceptance.

    If you wish, confirmation;
    NOT arguing (NO argument).

    It's PERFECT(ion).

    All _i.on suffix words (ego=I_on)
    are self explaining
    meaning "right_on" (brother)!
    because they knew how important
    is was to have a good day,
    being happy,
    & enjoying the good times.

    In india,
    a cow is (whorshipped) like a god;
    & Switzerland has confirmed this
    because the cheese
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